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This work consists of seven brightly colored structures constructed out of wood and composite materials. Ranging in size from ~12 inches cubed to four feet by four feet, the objects are an amalgam of stark geometric forms and looser “organic” blobs of carved wood. Many of the “blob” sections recall unbound growth, referencing tumescent lesions, Chinese scholar’s rocks, or science fiction landscapes.The pieces all have sections of one to three bright colors, geometric swaths of pastels and vibrant secondary colors that contrast with more subdued faded whites or wood with lightly treated surfaces. Imbedded within each structure is a micro-controller and a series of lights, gears or motors. Periodically the motors shift and slight motions adjust or lights illuminate and are turned off.
Perhaps most important in each work is the prominent inclusion of a houseplant. The plants vary by species, but each has a series of broad leaves and no visible flowers or budding. Each is connected to the internal micro-controllers via a series of diodes that measure electrical pulses moving through the plants. Similar to the electrocardiogram test used in hospitals the diodes connected to the base of the plants measure the electrical activity of circular systems. As with any any complex living system an electrical impulse travels through the plant, contracting capillaries and moving nutrition through the plant. The micro-controller converts these impulses into data and then convert the data into visual identifiers. The sculptures use light, mechanical motion and small radio signals to give an language to the workings of the plant’s vital systems.